Both during the planning stage and during the execution of a project, you may need engineering advice. Whether it is for structural calculations, for the design of components or devices to solve a particular problem, we have the right engineering solution for your situation.

No matter what challenge you face, contact us!

Equipment rental
Are you missing a specialized tool or equipment to accomplish your task? We may be able to rent it for you! We provide you with a large inventory of equipment, from small manual tools to forklifts or even cranes. Contact us for availability and rates.

Machine safety
Do you want to increase the level of security of your equipment? Do you want to bring obsolete equipment into compliance with operational safety? We have particular expertise in safety for all types of equipment. We are able to carry out safety improvement projects for you at different levels:

  • Design and installation of security perimeter
  • Physical barriers
  • Electronic perimeters
  • Protection guards
  • Health and safety compliance update


Maintenance team

Maximize the competence of your maintenance team at all times according to your needs!


A precise and structured installation is essential for your machinery to be reliable and to produce efficiently and to its full potential.

Machinery relocation

Restart your production quickly and efficiently with our full professional machinery relocation services.


There are a multitude of situations that make it necessary to modify your existing planning structures or to erect a new one.

Project management

Whatever the scope of your project, ensure maximum efficiency and competence for its realization thanks to our project management services.

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Engineering, equipment rental, machine safety, whatever the challenge you face, contact us!