Related Services


At any time during the planning or the execution phase of a project, you might require engineering advice.  Whether it is for load or structure calculation, for designing compo-nents or even devices to resolve specific problems.  No matter what challenge you are facing, we have the engineer you need! Contact us today.

Equipment and tool rental

If you are missing the right tool or specialized equipment you need to get your task do-ne, we might be able to rent it to you!  We have a wide inventory of equipment, from the smallest hand tool to lift trucks and even cranes.  Contact us for availability and rates.

Machine safety

You want to improve the safety of your equipments?  You want upgrade an obsolete equipment to for safety compliance?  We have a specific expertise in the area of safety for machines of all types.  You can entrust your projects to us for several aspects of sa-fety:

  • Design and installation of safety perimeter
  • Physical gating
  • Electronic fencing
  • Safety guards
  • Safety compliance update