Maintenance team – Outsourcing

Maximize your maintenance team’s abilities, with on demand service at all times!  Whether it is to complement your current team or establish a complete permanent team – with outsourcing, we are your ideal partner to provide the qualified personnel best suited to your situation.

Regardless of your needs, we will find the resources that are the best fit for your mandate. You will then maximize the performance of your maintenance team while reducing your costs.

Better maintenance, better prevention, reduction of unplanned production interruptions, optimization of processes, and easier management are only a few of the immediate and durable advantages of outsourcing your maintenance manpower.  Contact us to learn more about this service and to evaluate the options that would best suit your needs.


Structured and precise installation is paramount to get reliable, efficient, and maximized output from your machinery.  The quality of our work has earned us an exceptional reputation over the past 20 years and our permanent team is composed of the most effective and experienced millwrights on the market.

Many equipment manufacturers have designated us their provider of choice when it comes to installing equipment sold to their clients.

For the best quality installation and to get the most out of your equipment – use our installation services.

Equipment Relocation

Is your company moving? Restart your production efficiently and quickly thanks to our complete professional relocation services.  We can take charge of your project from dismantling to the startup in your new location.  We will even take care of the speciali-zed shipping and handling of the equipment from origin to destination.

Our seasoned team of millwrights will ensure a well-ordered and careful dismantling of your machinery as well as a precise and impeccable installation in its new home.
With our relocation services, we will minimize the production time lost by your relocation and quickly get you back to the productivity level you are used to.

Support Structures

You are planning the expansion, reorganization or installation of a new machine? In a lot of cases, you will need to modify an existing support structure or build a new one.
We can reinforce, modify or build an entirely new structure meeting your needs and specifications.
We can modify or build elements such as:

  • Support structure and anchoring
  • Mezzanines
  • Access structures
  • Stairs
  • Catwalks
  • Railings and guardrails
  • Gates
  • Enclosures
  • Safety guards

Project Management

Regardless of the scale of your project, get maximum efficiency and skill with our project management services.  Throughout the years, we have developed an exceptional expertise in the area of industrial mechanics project management in a variety of domains.  Our knowledge and experience allow us to reduce risks, find efficient solutions to problems, meet deadlines and save a considerable amount of money for our clients.

To make your project run as smoothly as possible, all the while saving time and money, contact us for more information about our project management services.


Related Services


At any time during the planning or the execution phase of a project, you might require engineering advice.  Whether it is for load or structure calculation, for designing compo-nents or even devices to resolve specific problems.  No matter what challenge you are facing, we have the engineer you need! Contact us today.

Equipment and tool rental

If you are missing the right tool or specialized equipment you need to get your task do-ne, we might be able to rent it to you!  We have a wide inventory of equipment, from the smallest hand tool to lift trucks and even cranes.  Contact us for availability and rates.

Machine safety

You want to improve the safety of your equipments?  You want upgrade an obsolete equipment to for safety compliance?  We have a specific expertise in the area of safety for machines of all types.  You can entrust your projects to us for several aspects of sa-fety:

  • Design and installation of safety perimeter
  • Physical gating
  • Electronic fencing
  • Safety guards
  • Safety compliance update