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Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is complex.  Not only does it require specialized labour, but also, procedures that are specific to petrochemical plants have to be followed rigorously. AMNC owns this expertise thanks to its 15 years of experience in petrochemical environments installation and maintenance.

AMNC regularly maintains:

  • Fin fans
  • Gearboxes
  • Centrifuges
  • Mixers
  • Pumps (vertical, centrifuge, screw and more)
  • Steam turbines
  • Centrifuge and reciprocating compressors

Members of the AMNC team working in petrochemical environments have been trained for working from heights, working in confined space, operating bridge cranes, and they received the required trainings for dangerous goods (WHMIS).  They also received safety training for flammable gas such as hydrogen, xylene, paraxylene, benzene and toluene.

Certified millwrights at AMNC are also expert in extreme precision work.  They are familiar with the very strict tolerances (up to 0.0005”) required for maintaining centrifuge compressors.

Wether you are looking for a resident team or on demand interventions, AMNC can help.  Contact us to let us know about your needs.

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Distribution Centres

We are currently going through an era of technological developments at an unprecedented rate.  Technological evolution is happening at every level and distribution centres are among the first to benefit from it.

In recent years, a lot of equipment aimed at optimizing, automating and digitizing distribution centres came to market.  Among them are stacker cranes, conveyors, sorters, and shuttles.  Installing this type of equipment requires specific experience and know how to ensure optimal working conditions and reliability.

For many years now, AMNC has closely followed the development of distribution centres and has completed an important number of large scale projects in that domain.  Those projects have allowed AMNC to acquire an unmatched expertise for installing any type of handling equipment in compliance with manufacturers specifications as well as for the coordination of projects of any size. This solid experience gives AMNC the ability to provide great solutions to challenges emerging over the course of the project.

Over time, AMNC was able to establish strong relationships with equipment manufacturers which augments the efficiency of the installations and facilitates the communication between the manufacturer and the client.

Choosing AMNC for a distribution centre project means an impeccable installation and a seamless startup.

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Outsourcing: competency and savings

Did you know you can save a considerable amount of money on your maintenance costs by using outsourcing?  By outsourcing your mechanic maintenance, you benefit from unmatched flexibility because your total manpower can fluctuate constantly to adapt to your needs.  You avoid paying for unnecessary resources and get the workforce you need when you need it.

In addition, as the manpower that is provided to you works daily in a variety of environments, they have a wider expertise.  The mechanics are then able to provide you with new ideas and solutions to better overcome your challenges.

The reduced costs and the broader expertise aren’t the only advantages of outsourcing.  Managing your maintenance resources is also greatly simplified by outsourcing.  No payroll, no deductions, just one periodical invoice for all the resources that are provided to you.  You benefit from the services of a highly autonomous workforce that you can manage yourself or let us manage for you.  In case of absence, the manpower can be replaced right away without you having to take care of it.

In short, outsourcing is an efficient solution to save you money all the while making your maintenance services easier to manage.  Whether it is to substitute to your maintenance team or to complement it when needed, request more information about our outsourcing services.